How to get <1ma power consumption for tag in sleep mode


I’m currently running my own application on top of dwm1001-dev board. My target is to get ~500ua power consumption when in sleep mode (MCU idle, dw1000 sleep).
But currently I got the following:

  • MCU idle, dw1000 idle == 13.1 ma
  • MCU idle, dw1000 sleep (using dwt_entersleep():wink: == 3.9 ma
  • All leds are off
  • UART disabled
  • Segger debugger (J16) disconnected

I’m using FreeRtos and got the following codes to make sure MCU gets into power save mode:
// power save on idle task. Requires #define configUSE_IDLE_HOOK 1 in FreeRTOSConfig.h
vApplicationIdleHook(void) {
configUSE_IDLE_HOOK is defined in freeRTOSConfig.h

Could someone tell me what else should I do to get to <1ma power consumption?
I also tried to force MCU into SYSTEM OFF mode, but still got 3.8ma power consumption.
Thanks very much.