How to fix the DW1000 Problem that using of TCXO?

We made a design by changing the VDDBAT pin and TCXO to 3.0 volts which is listing in DW1000 Datasheet.pdf.The LDO is TPS73601 which converts 3.3 volts to 3.0 volts,and the TCXO is ASTXR-12-38.400MHz-514054-T.But the Packet Error Rate we tested is almost 60%.This is the spectrum in CW mode

And there are two obvious spurs:(+6.37MHz,-53.51dB)and(+38.4MHz,-55.32dB),and mciholas said that "If you under drive or over drive the XTAL1 input, you create spurs as you have seen in the CW output (and thus corrupts the UWB signal when generated). Anything over about 1.2 Vpp risks generating spurs. Anything under about 0.5 Vpp does that also."We aslo test the waveform of the TCXO after the 2200pF capacitor

The Vmax of the TCXO is almost 1.75 volts,so is this the reason for the bad Packet Error Rate? And how can I fix this Problem, thank you!