How to connect an iPhone to DWM3001CDK without using Bluetooth for device discovery

Hi there

I am currently testing the iPhone’s connection to DWM3001CDK. Right now, Bluetooth is required for device discovery and information exchange. Is there any way to do this without using Bluetooth?

For example, can we use Wi-Fi for information exchange? Because the communication range of Bluetooth is much shorter compared to UWB, using Bluetooth for device discovery limits the use cases for the device.

Is there any other method to ranging with the iPhone without using BLE?


First, i’d say BLE and UWB ranges are comparable.

Yes, you can yourself implement the WiFi connector, but you’ll be able to use only ForeGround mode. I’ve no clue how do you want to use WiFi with DWM3001, as there no wifi on it.

The BackGround mode requires BLE.