How to capture the CIR data from TREK1000 Evaluation Kit?

I want to develop some digital techniques based on digital data. So, is there any way to capture IQ data or some information (e.g., CIR) from one TREK1000 Evaluation Kit (Anchor or Tag) to PC (Ubuntu or Mac OS is expected)?

Hello Yha

With the TREK1000 your best option would probably be to adept one of our examples in the DW1000 Application Programming Interface software package. These where written for the EVK1000 (the tags that make up the TREK1000 kit) and can be easily programmed and adapted with the System Workbench for STM32. Alternatively you could look into the USPI command which allows you to to control the node from the DecRanging PC application.


Hi Seppe,

I am looking for some examples. Thanks for sharing.


hello seppe
i want know how to capture the cir data from mdek1001 kit.
Could you give me some help?
Thanks a lot~

Hello Seppe,
Thanks for your answer!
I want to know if there is already a solution adapted to TREK1000; I am in the same situation, I want to capture the IQ data from TREK1000 tags and record it
Thank your for your time

Yha, did you find any way to record the ID data finally ?