How to calculate timeouts?

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I would like to know how to correctly calculate timeouts and delays for the DS TWR and SS TWR examples for different data rates, preamble length etc.

In the provided applications there are these values for the 110K data rate and 1024 bits preamble length.

#define RESP_RX_TIMEOUT_UUS 2700
#define PRE_TIMEOUT 8

What should be the values if I want to change the settings?

Where can I read about that?

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The best way I found is to have an oscilloscope and monitor the TX and RX signals.

Dpeinado, thanks for your reply.

Where did you monitor signals - directly on the antenna or on the SPI bus?

Hello Serguey, you can check it in the document aps022_debugging_dw1000_based_products_systems.pdf. It is on the decawave web site: