How to calculate the the total frame duration?

I read the doc DecaRangeRTLS_ARM_Source_Code_Guide.

The message lengths (in bytes) as shown in sections above are: Poll = 13, Response = 19, and Final = 44.
If we take the longest message, the total frame duration is 4.929 ms for the 110 kbps mode.

110 kbps data rate with 1024 preamble length and 16 MHz PRF, using non-standard SFD of 64 symbols

The 1024 preamble length means 1024 bits?
non -standard SFD of 64 symbols means 64 bits ?

Without the preamble and SFD, duration = (44/1024)/13.75 = 3.125ms. //110kbps = 13.75KB/S
How to get the result 4.929ms? :huh:

Hi optimisticgo,

The DW1000 power calculator has a feature provide the duration of a frame :

Let me know how it goes,

Thanks,I use the DW1000 power calculator get [color=#333333]the total frame duration is 4.929 ms :)[/color]

Note, all the details of how to do this is also in the DW1000 DataSheet - please see sections on Frame Format and Symbol Timings.

Hi Zoran:
I have read the frame format and symbol timing of DW100 datasheet,but still do not understand.Could you show me how to calculate?
For example, “Table 25: Operational Modes” , Example Setting A.
How to get 2443us(packet duration)?