How to adjust DRX_TUNE4H for 110kbps bitrate?

I have a problem to settle correctly DRX_TUNE4H for 110kbps bitrate. Table 34 in user manual adjust this value for any bitrate.
However, Decawave API set this value (in dwt_configure) only for 850kbps and 6800kbps, but not for 110kbps bitrate.
So is it necessary to adjust this for 110kbps bitrate ?
Thank you for reply.


I am not sure why you think this setting is based on your datarate? It’s based on the preamble length (expected by the receiver).


Thank you for reply, but according to dwt_configure it depend on datarate :

Regards, Alex

Hi Alex,

The value for DRX_Tune4H depends on the preamble length and is independent of the data rate.

Its advised that one should use longer preambles when using 110kb/s (110kb/s with a length 64 preamble doesn’t really make sense) should be using the 0x28 value. This is actually also the default/reset value of the register.

I guess that is why the api is getting away without setting it. But, to be fully correct the API it should be setting the value.

In general it should be noted that the code is not fully optimised so one should always check the user manual when in doubt, so thanks for doing this ALEX.

Kind Regards