How should I use dwm1001 in a wide range?

[size=small]Release 1 seems to be able to deal with only the network of a small range of 12 Anchor, but in the case of Release 2 scheduled to be released in April, is it possible to measure the position in a [/size][size=small]wide range[/size][size=small]?[/size]
[size=small]We are considering measuring the position using DWM1001 in a wide range (200 m × 100 m). Is it possible to operate on a network where about 200 anchors are arranged at intervals of 10m in this case?[/size]

Hi Dongjiang,

You should be able to cover such a large area with the release 1, but the number of tags within a “cluster of 16 anchors” will be limited to 15.

So basically is means you can have patches of 15 anchors through the network, but if you have a dense area with let’s say 30 tags, only 15 will report their position.

I’d recommend you take a look at the dwm1001 user manual, section 7.

Release 2 should add feature facilitating large network.

Thank you,

Note: PANS SW supports a max of 150 Hz in a 16-anchor cluster, this means you can have 15 tags at 10 Hz or 300 tags at 0.5 Hz.

The anchors should be placed in 30m intervals (if they are too close then only 16 will be part of the network, and further ones only added once some of the initial ones are out of range), please review the UM as suggested by Yves.

Your problem will be getting the data of the tags… you’ll need a number of listeners, or have App/Listener following the tag across the network so that you can log all of the data. Or just log on the tag (tag connected to a PC/shell)

I have a couple of questions:

  1. If you extend the number of anchors beyond 16, you start numbering them from 1-16 again? If so, how do you determine the Tag location when it moves past ID #16 and it picks up say Anchor #15, #16, #1 and #2?

  2. If there is a large area, say a warehouse that is 40m wide and 100m long. I would set anchors at each side of the warehouse and along the length at intervals of say 30m. Then place a listener in the say every 30m in the centre (of the 40m width) and have then send info back via radio link to a main controller (or LAN) and this way I can pinpoint any Tag in the 100m x 40m space?