How is the Z value being calculate


I am wondering how is the Z axis value being calculated? I stream the data to my laptop, the X & Y axis values are good enough. However, the z value sometimes is weird. I auto-positioned 4 anchors and I set the z value of each anchor by using a laser measurer to get the height.

Thank you for the help


Hi Richard,

In order to improve the Z accuracy, I would recommend to set the anchors at different height. For example, with 4 anchors, maybe set 2 anchors at 2.80 meters and 2 others at 1.80m if possible. This will increase the granularity of the Z scale.

Let me know how it goes,

Hi Yves,

Thank you for the help, I followed your instruction and changed the height, the z value is much better than before.


I didn’t see that thread before, but in my thread here
Jumping height of lec output of tag despite of constant tag height I point out that the z-position is weird having anchors with multiple heights.
Is this a bug in the new firmware?