How can I read tag position directly into my C code?

I have the mdek1001 evaluation kit with the 12 units. I need to use the live position data in my code; it doesn’t make sense to have it going into some other application because I can’t use it there and that application doesn’t do anything useful, not to mention that it doesn’t work in my OS. I would assume that a lot of people will have this same use case, since they probably want to DO something with the position data rather than just see it. So is there a way to just get the raw position data in C code through the COM port rather than having it go to Tera Term?

Even I would like to know about this?

Once my prototype is approved I would like to use the position directly in my app.

use the les command
will show you the position data in uart console


another option is to use the UART API in TLV format which is more effective than using the Shell mode.
See the API documentation on the Decawave website.


Did anyone have a solution for this? It would be very helpful to me also.