How can a Tag use multiple TWR Slots?

I wanted to read ranging data from more than 4 Anchors using just one Tag to increase the position accuracy. Reading the system overview it seems that a Tag does TWR ranging in TWR slots but each slot can only accomodate TWR from 4 anchors. So I was hoping there was a way to access the other empty slots (doesn’t matter which) so that I can TWR with more than 4 Anchors.

I don’t think PANS allows that, it is a basic system designed for flexibility not accuracy.
The decawave hardware is capable of doing much more but you need to start looking at your own firmware if you want to improve the accuracy.


Would you happen to know where to locate the PANS firmware and how (which software to use) we can edit it?

The PANS system is not open source.

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