How can a Tag range with all the anchors in the room?

I’d like to how a tag can collect ranging information between istelf and the all the anchors surrounding it (even if there are more than 4 anchors)? I saw a IEEE paper where someone was able to use one tag to range with 7 anchors around it

Hello there!.
If you are using the “original firmware”(PANs2.0) i dont remenber if you can obtain all ranges possibles on your system (even if you define 7/8 anchors) or even with the serial port commands. But if develop you owm firmware, you can define the “protocol” to return the ranges calculated. Try to search the documentation of developing firmware.

Thank you for the reply. It would be really helpful if you could share the link for the document you mentioned

Hey there again!
See this link: Product Documentation - Decawave
Search here all the documents, tools and other stuff that you may need.

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