Higher accuracy is needed

I need a positioning device with positioning accuracy within 10 mm. I bought your company’s dwm1001 module for research, and found that the accuracy seems to be within 30cm, far less than the accuracy I need. I want to know if your company can provide positioning algorithm with positioning accuracy less than 10 mm for dwm1001. If so, I think I will buy a large number of positioning equipment, because I need a large number of positioning equipment to meet my needs. If not, can your company design the algorithm that can use multiple dwm1001 distance data instead of up to four, so that our team can design its own algorithm?
Thank you.

All you are going to get from decawave is a pointer in the direction of their design partners. There is a list on the web site here: Partners - Decawave

Profile - mciholas - Decawave Tech Forum used to be around here but I haven’t seen him for a while. His company (link on that page) makes and sells high accuracy UWB systems based on the decawave parts.

Or if you have a team of people then you could write your own radio protocol too.