HeroRat Tracking?

Hello Decawave forum,

I’m wondering whether Decawave technology could be used to track rats as they sniff out land mines. Apopo.org is an organization that trains rats to sniff out land mines. It’s a low-cost way to solve a critical problem in many developing countries. For more on what this wonderful organization does, check out their web site: Apopo.org

I’m on the faculty at MIT and had a student team attempt to help Apopo develop a system to track their rats. The student team made some progress but didn’t produce much. I’m going to complete the work myself.

Here’s the problem: as rats traverse a minefield, they occasionally “trigger” on a land mine. Right now, the rat handlers check a box on a sheet of graph paper. I’m sure Decawave could be the basis for a more accurate tracking solution.

I’m funding this development out of my own pocket, so funds are limited. But I’m happy to invest in this, as well as share credit and generate positive press for any person or company that helps me.

Any advice on how to get started with Decawave’s solution? Has anyone developed a app and tracking system for a 300-500 sq meter outdoor field? The device needs to work in wet, dirty, hilly conditions.

Many thanks for any advice you can provide.

David Robertson

Hello David,

I would recommend you to get a MDEK1001 development kit. It will allow you to have a quick overview of the technology and see what is achievable.

The technology should be able to give you a 10cm accuracy within 500 m2. You need to deploy a network so I’m not sure if it suits your application. Typically, the area you want to cover will have to be surrounded by 4 devices at least. Those devices will be used as reference point to calculate the tag position (the rat in your application).

The video below should give you a good idea of what can be done with the current MDEK1001.

Let me know if you have any other question,
Thank you
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