Help Gateway Problem

Dear all,
on my first time, I had no problem everything was working as you see in the picture.

but when I changed the location of the gateway I got this problem.
The problem I have is that when connecting to RP3 from Chrome, I expect to see the Anchors and Tags I configured on the same network, but I don’t. I also see two proxies when I expect to see just one. please any idea ?? I really need your help.

Hi David,

please try to provide more info,

  1. is the new location of your GW within the range of the UWB network? Does it help if you move it back int original location? you can enter shell on your GW using minicom and check if you can see uwbmac: connected in the “si” output, you can also check “la” cmd to list nearby anchors

  2. check if proxy and daemon is running:
    root@rpi:~# ps -ax | grep dwm
    10040 ? Sl 16:51 /usr/local/bin/dwm-proxy -c /etc/dwm1001/dwm1001-proxy.config
    10148 ? Sl 27:35 /usr/local/bin/dwm-daemon -c /etc/dwm1001/dwm1001.config -l /var/log/dwm-daemon.log
    26684 pts/0 S+ 0:00 grep dwm

look into the log file if you can see an error.