Hardware TX power output limits

I am working on a project where the standard needs to know the total transmitted energy.

For this, I need to know the hardware energy RF TX limits of the Decawave system. The standard requirement is ‘no software control’ (however, one-time programmable registers may be acceptable).

I do not seem to be able to find data that the states maximum power output for the RF TX power.
Are there any hardware limitations (if any) to limit the maximum pulse duration, or hardware pulse repeatability?

I look forward to any assistance that I receive

thanks in advance


Are you looking for guidance on production? We have a few App notes on our site - https://www.decawave.com/application-notes/

The Tx power on the DW1000 UWB transceiver can be adjusted by programming the appropriate register. OTP values can be used but calibration for specific hardware still needs to be performed.

Your question is somewhat vague, can you be more specific on what you exactly need?


hi Kenneth, I was trying to know the TX Power of my MDEK Kit ( Im trying to put the Max TX Power because i need to get the best distance cover) can you explain how can i adjust the Register ?

Are you using PANS?
You can do this by building a new image with a user app that adjusts the TX power register.
Warning: You cannot do this if you want to be FCC/ETSI compliant.

yes im using PANS, im using the default settings of MDEK Kit, im new with this and trying to learn. What do you mean with "building a new image with a user app " , you say use the VirtualBox from decawave ?

Yes the Virtual Box.
But we will move to Segger Embedded Studio IDE with the R2 which should make it easier to rebuild and adjust the code.

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