GUI enhancement proposal

The GUI in QSpice is certainly a major step forward. The simplicity is refreshing compared to other programs.

I do miss one thing though. Very often the middle mouse button is used to pan schematics (such as in KiCad). I notice that this button is not currently used in QSpice. Would it be possible to add this functionality? Note that this would not require any of the current functionalities to change.

I also notice that when I pan, there is a slight delay after clicking and dragging before it actually pans. This might be faster when an exclusive button is used.

Can you tell me a little more about the functionality you’re looking for? The left mouse button already pans the schematic. Are you interested in mapping that same function to the mouse wheel button?

Yes, this is right.

It would make QSpice GUI feel compatible with several of the other programs I am currently using in my development process.

OK, thanks Jonas. We’ll put it on the request list. Hopefully your muscle memory will adapt to left-clicking for now.


I think support Logitech wheel, pedals and shifter is a perfect idea…
Simply joke, sorry… can`t resist :slight_smile:

hah! I always enjoyed driving simulations with that kind of hardware, but it’s been more than a few years since I’ve owned one. I do recall you can remap keys to the pedals, so I can’t wait to see someone try it :slight_smile:

If you’ve ever watched a person using a computer while they are thinking, you realize how much they move their tongue. I’ve always wanted an interface device that can tell where in my mouth my tongue is.


You can observe a lot by just looking.