Getting Started with Decawave DWM1001-DEV


I am a new user of the DWM1001-Dev board. I am trying to use this with raspberry pi. The end result is to be able to measure distance between two modules.

I have spent a long time trying to get this to work, to no avail. In the firmware guide, I have tried to do the UART Generic mode example, and the result I get is: “UART: Ensure it is not in use by another application”

I have also tried to connect with SPI and run the SPI example. However in this case I also get an error of a wrong return type.

I am not exactly sure that I have set up everything correctly. On my Pi I have made sure to enable both UART and SPI, but I’m not sure whether there are some other settings I need to set up. I have tested on my Pi the loopback test found in here:
and it works.

So this seems to be an issue with connecting the PI with the DWM1001-Dev Board.

Could someone assist?

Hi liboy,

I would recommend so firslt use the UART interface as it is easier to use. I’ve connected my DWM1001-DEV to a raspberry pie a few weeks ago, established the connection with minicom and it worked fine. Are you sure you are connecting to the correct serial port ?

I’ll take a look at it and send configuration when I have a chance.


Hi Yves,
I am also working on same kind of project, where I need only distance between Tag and Anchor.Can you help me out from this.


Hi guys,

see also this post, it might help you:


But how can I calculate distance.Pleas help me in Code and Connections.