Getting positions from main Gateway with Rasp Pi c#

I want to read the position from the Main Raspberry pi Gateway on a Raspberry pi to control the gpio pins According the position if the tags.

I’ve wrote a c# app with mono with the les command with a listener. Now I want to nodify the app to read the data from the Gateway.

What is the command to get the position and must I use Mqqt client to request a message from the Gateway.

I’m not sure what to do in c# to get this message.

Any example or help will be appreciate.

I’m using the Mdek1001 dev anchors and tags

Thank you

Hi Izak,

in the Gateway approach the application communicates via the MQTT Broker. MQTT uses pub/sub model. So you need to subscribe to a certain topic on the Broker to receive the data from the nodes and publish to a certain topic to send the data toward the Anchors/Tags.

There have been already a couple of topics discussing that, e.g.:


Thank you for your reply. Since I’ve asked the question 12 days ago, I’ve managed to modify my current c# app on my raspberry pi to subscripe to the tags location and getting the location.

I’m running a mysql database on my pi with all the tag Id’s and on startup I subscripe to the Mqtt broker with all the tags even if the tags are not active or out of range. In this way I’m able to receive all tags positions that’s in range of the anchors.

Thank you