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Hi all,
I am using the MDEK 1001 to get the position of the Tag from PC Tera term. But it only shows the position of the four anchors and do not show the coordinate of the Tag. specially no showsest【1.01 2.01 3.01 96】 on Tera term. Thanks for any help.

Do you have one of the anchors configured as the required initiator?

Are all coordinates of anchors correct in the GUI:
eg if all 4 anchors are 3m apart and 2m high , it should be
Anchor0, 0,0,2
Anchor1 3,0,2
Anchor2 0,3,2
Anchor3 3,3,2
Incorrect coordinates might give a unknown position and so TAG won’t show.

is UWB enabled on all the nodes.

Anyway, see the MDEK1000 User manual. If you follow the steps described it will work.


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Thanks for help and I will have a look.

Forget to check you is it possible using PC to configure the anchors and tag. the manual mention

it can configure them using PC instead of Andriod application but I do not see the detail of this. Thanks

Yes, it is possible.
See API which is available as part of the MDEK1000 software package download.
DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf (1.8 MB)

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Thanks a lot for your help