Get raw data without calculation through serial port

I have two questions about the tag data that can be collected. I work with the kit MDEK1001 and the configuration I use is composed of 4 anchors and 1 tag. My questions are:
Is it possible, with the firmware provided by Decawave, to recover the tag data before the position calculation is performed?
Is there a data processing done by the API?

Hi Juliet,

Are you interested in the ranges only ? In this case, we are providing an exemple with the latest release that will store the ranges in the uplink data and send them to the MQTT broker. Maybe have a look. You can also retrieve ranges directly from the tags over uart/spi.

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Thank you for your reply. I retrieve ranges over the UART shell but the location is already calculated isn’t it ?
Is it possible to retrieve, for example, ToF before the location is calculated?

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Using PANS, you will not be able to retrieve the timestamps but only the distance. You could reuse those ranges to calculate your own position and discard the position value calculated by the dwm1001.

If you need something more custom, maybe look at the software for TREK that will give you full freedom regarding the timestamp and calculation of ranges/position.


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Thanks for the explanation and the support, it helped me a lot! I will try to reuse the ranges to calculate my own position as you suggest.