Generic RRIO OPA model parameter selection for some jellybean OPA

Hi Qspice Teams,

I am wondering if its possible to provide example for how to set up the RRIO OPA to mimic the characteristics of some very commong OPA. I can think of:
etc …

Of course in addition to more detail explanation on how to tune the paramater based on datasheet parameter (if possible)

Appreciate as always,

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The built-in op-amp has a high output impedance, but the ones you cited are not the same. This built-in op amp is actually CMOS type.

I am not good with analog circuit.

But I only aware that opamp has high input Z and low output Z. So what does this thing may mean?

In CMOS operational amplifiers, the output transistors are common-source transistors. In this arrangement, the output impedance is relatively high. This is for op amps without negative feedback circuits. Usually, op amps are used with a negative feedback circuit. In this case, the resulting output resistance is small.
I did an experiment and found that by default Rout=10k. I also found some oddities with the current consumption.
The behavior of the operational amplifier (drop in output resistance with increasing frequency) indicates that there is an AFC correction capacitance connected to the output.

opa.qsch (11.5 KB)