Gateway with raspberry pi pin header

i connected the mdek unit with a raspberry pi , also i followed the gateway guide but still i have no anchors and tags on the web manager.
when i connect raspberry with unit by the header pin and power the pi, does the leds on the mdek unit lights go on ??
because i welded the header all good and still have no changes on the web manager

Hi Ahmed,

On the raspberry pi, if you open a console and perform the following :

  • minicom -D /dev/serial0
  • type “enter” twice

(to quit minicom please perform “ctrl” + “z”, then type “a”, then type “q”)

Are you able to access the DWM1001 uart shell mode ? If not I suspect the connection between the dwm1001 and the raspberry pi is faulty.


See i did it all , i verified the continuity of the wires and welding pins … every thing but firstly i can enter minicom on serial0 by the dwm cannot be accesible i press enter twice nothing . i cannot access uart shell mode. please i need help to get the web manager to work asap