Gateway redundancy

is their a configuration to create a redunant Gateway? because if you have just one Gateway in a big area and it is go down all RTLS system will go down.

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It is possible to add multiple gateways in the same area and add redundancy if you wish.

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How to configure bridges to send data to a redundant gateway?

The scenario is that we have multiple bridges and one gateway so we want to crate another gateway in case of damage the first one for redundancy purposes.

There is no special configuration to the 2nd bridge - it is is configured to be on the same network (Network ID) then it automatically will get the data from the tags…

The problem I faced with multiple gateways is that the 2nd gateway was reporting positions of the tags that were located in the area that was near the 1st gateway. However, these positions were not the same, they were of way lesser quality because the 2nd gateway was further away from the tags than the first one. Luckily I could right the code that eliminated these results from 2nd gateway from display.


@abd you need to select one gateway as the primary one for the DWM Proxy. Then configure all the others DWM Daemon to connect to that Proxy. The Proxy will handle filtering of duplicated data and data routing for the downlink. DWM Daemon can be configured in /etc/dwm1001/dwm1001.config

You can find more details also in this post:

@securigy2 I guess you have misinterpreted some information. The gateway collects the location and quality information from the Tags, so it cannot be different on each gateway.


I meant what I said: 2 different gateways located in different places (but in range to a tag) are reporting different position of a tag. When I say different I mean that gateway located further and at different angle to the tag reports lower data quality and way worse accuracy and precision… I do realize that each gateway gets the position from the same source. never the less that’s what I observe…i am not trying to explain this either - just reporting the numbers…

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thanks for the explanation. Could you please send some sample data from 2 gateways captured at the same time where this issue could be observed?


I will try to do it. Although it sounds simple, in my case is not - I am getting data through custom C# application and when I saw data for the same tag coming from 2 different gateways (especially a different data) I introduced the code that discarded the data from the 2nd gateway through testing whether that gateway located in the area of measured tag (static tags in the software associated with particular area plans). Anyway, I am finishing the application development in the next few weeks and will try to temporarily disable my workaround in order to show data of the same tag from both gateways.