Gateway range. Do all anchors need to be ranged by a gateway?

Hi, I’m using the MDEK1001 develpment kit.
The place where I need to use the sensor is similar to the diagram below.
The tag will move inside the rectangle and I’ll place as many anchors as needed in the walls.

My concern is that I want to use only one Gateway to check the location of the tag and the status of the anchors.
Given that layout, the gateway won’t be able to range all the anchors, can it still access to all the information?
Would I need to place more than one gateway, with all anchors being ranged with one?

Thanks in advance

Hi Luciano,

The issue is that the gateway will not be able to receive data from the tag when the distance is above 25m.

For such a deployment along 200m, you definetely need several gateways.

Kind regards