Frame structure

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using DWM1001 for a while using the release 1 and the android app.

Now I want to include the chip (not the evaltuation board as I’ve been using ) into a more complex system.

So, I first want to know which is the module I need and what is the frame structre that the anchors/tag exchange byte to byte?

Also, from what I’ve learnt with a system like this we are able to position the tags with respect to the origin. Is here any configuration that enables us to also position a tag with respect to another tag being both in active mode?

Thanks in advance

  1. Which module to use:

If this is going to be a product that you want to sell then you probably want to use the DWM1001C. That module has the appropriate approvals so you only need to perform standard emissions/immunity testing on the product and not the more expensive and complex intentional transmitter testing.

If you use a module which doesn’t have the approvals (or the DW1000 chip on its own) then you need to do that extra testing for a commercial product.

If this isn’t for something you will be selling then approvals aren’t an issue and you can use whichever module best matches your requirements.

  1. Packet structure
    See the decawave documentation on their ranging system. This gives fairly detailed descriptions of the packet structure.

  2. Positioning from a tag
    Not with the off the shelf positioning system. This is entirely possible if you were to modify the decawave system or create your own positioning software but the version they supply doesn’t include this functionality.