Fluctuation in static tag location


I posted this query sometime back but the issue still remains.

As a simple test to check tag accuracy, I repeatedly read the location for a static tag, it fluctuates a lot and the error sometimes goes beyond 50 cms. I have ensured that the tag is in the middle with perfect LoS with all 4 anchors. In the Android App, I could clearly see the tag location dancing randomly.

JFYI, I have accurately measured the anchor positions manually and configured them.

I am using MDEK1001 (connected to raspberry through USB) and calling dwm_pos_get to get location info.

Any pointer to understand this behavior and possible accuracy improvement suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Hi Vram, what kind of spacing do you have between your anchors and what is their height ? Are you using averaging as well ?

It is possible the tag position will vary while static (and the IMU should be used to detect static behavior), but 50cm sounds a bit large.

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Hi Yves,

Four anchors are placed in a rectangular area of dimension 8 x 2.5 m (each of them occupying a corner). Height is about 2.2 m.

The fluctuation in the tag position I observed is instantaneous reading (no averaging). It was evident to see this behavior in Android App’s Grid view. When I use multiple tags to understand better, the behavior seems to be more position dependent though all the tag positions were well inside the coverage area.


Did you get the solution for the fluctuating TAG position.


What is IMU? How I can use to avoid fluctuation?
I observed same behavior while moving with the TAG.

Please help.