Flicker Issue of Tag Location

I understand that Tag location flickers if the coordinates are wrong for any anchor compared to it’s a physical location.

We have set up our network in a large scale area. We have set the anchors coordinates as accurate as it could be. But there are few locations, where Tag location starts flickering after staying at a location for a long time. This is also inconsistent behavior as it doesn’t flicker everytime.

Any solution for it?

Hi himashu,

Have you looked at the “les” command output on the tag ? You’ll see how many anchors the tag can range to and it will indicate why exactly the result is not stable. It is possible the tag is in LOS with only 2 anchors sometime and as a consequence cannot always calculate a position.


Yes Yves,

We have seen it and got the issue also that it happens when it connects with only 2 anchors. But it does not happen everytime which results in discarding the purpose.
Because it’s too inconsistent for the same area, same environment without a single change

Is there any solution for it?