First steps with Arduino

Hello. I’m a newbie to UWB technology, I just bought two dwm1000 modules (they haven’t reached me yet, but I want to be clear by then). I want to use it so that a person knows my location and I know his location within a place.

I’m going to follow the steps in this tutorial with Arduino: Interfacing DWM1000 Positioning Module with Arduino
As you can see, they put two codes for each arduino / dwm1000 module.

My question is: how does each module know that it should show the data of the other specific module if they will all have the same code? How is it recognized? How is the data processed?


Note: I am trying to understand the code and I see that the only difference between the tag and the anchor is:

//we start the module as an anchor
  DW1000Ranging.startAsAnchor("82:17:5B:D5:A9:9A:E2:9C", DW1000.MODE_LONGDATA_RANGE_ACCURACY);

//we start the module as a tag
  DW1000Ranging.startAsTag("7D:00:22:EA:82:60:3B:9C", DW1000.MODE_LONGDATA_RANGE_ACCURACY);

But, my question is: how to do so that it only detects an anchor and a single tag, that is, two linked forever.