Firmware version update using DRTLS Android application vs that using Segger Studio


I am working for RTLS application using MDEK1001 kit. I am building the user code application dwm-simple using Seggar Studio.
When I am downloading that file into the target, I am getting a pop-up message to update the firmware. This is understandable but I have already updated the device with the latest firmware using DRTLS Android Application using its firmware Update Feature. After, doing this also Segger notified to update the Firmware while I was downloading my code into the target. So, I updated using Segger.
But, confusing thing is that when after upgrade using Segger, I checked back the Firmware status of the device using DRTLS App, I fond that FW2 section was downgraded.

So, is it so that firmware downloaded through Segger application is of the older version with respect to that using DRTLS App ? Then Segger should not notify to upgrade the firmware.

Kindly suggest how this is happening.

Thanks & Regards