Firmware R2 - Sending Custom Data

I am anticipating the release of DWM1001 Firmware Release 2 in the next couple weeks.

My understanding is that it will allow the sending of user-defined data in packets (to/from cloud). Does anyone know how this will work?

I would like to add things like sensor data, etc. - this obviously requires custom fw components - but can the FW run on the nordic micro and be compiled alongside the R2 binary? Or it will need to run on an external processor (RPi or another micro) and call through API functions to the DW1001 module?

If anyone has any idea, let me know. Otherwise I will wait and see for myself.

Hi cwallace,

It will be possible to customize the PANS image and add some functionalities, but the peripherals and priority will be limited.

There will be more information regarding these points in the next two weeks with the documentation release.


Thanks for your reply. Any chance you could share if this custom data can be set via API calls from external devices via UART or SPI?

Hi cwallace,

Yes there will be some TLV commands to wirte IoT data or read it over UART/SPI from a host mcu.


Hi, is there any way to send the acceleration sensor data, through MQTT? in the same way that it currently sends the location data.