Firmware for DWM1001

Where can I find the firmware described in the DWM1001-API-Guide-2.1.pdf for the DWM1001?
This firmware has some new command that I want to use like nis, nls…

I have bought some unit from Digi-Key and they still have older firmware.


At the end of March we will release the new firmware (R2).


In the Ducument “DWM1001-API-Guide-2.1.pdf” Page 10 of 89

1.2 API and its guide
This document relates to: “DWM1001 PANS Library Version 1.1.5”

Then this is a mistake, right?

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Where can I find more documentation about the new funcyionality of the nodes as “Bridge” and IoT Send/Receive Data?

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Hi smartin,

The version of PANS library 1.1.5 is a mistake in this document (v2.1).

This document actually relates to a different version of firmware that has not been released. I.e. some commands mentioned in this document are not released yet. The new version firmware will be released by end of this month (hopefully). By then you should be able to get the updated Hex image and the latest document.