Firmware 2 - Security and encryption


Does anyone knows how the security and encryption of release 2 works? In my tests, the modifications of the parameters user, password and enc_en do not seem to do anything.

Hi there,

in general if the encryption is enabled, you should not notice any changes in your system from the user perspective. On the link layer the UWB frames are encrypted so the data is not readable. UWB data analyzer can be used to verify that.

Command ‘si’ can be used to check if the module is running encryption. In the output there should be a line with: [000000.840 INF] enc: on.


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And how can I secure the uplink and downlink by MQTT? At this time anyone can connect to the MQTT address and make modifications or get positions.


you can secure that using Mosquitto settings. Please refer to the Mosquitto documentation or e.g.:

The following files will have to be edited accordingly:


Thanks for all. I have been able to set user and password to the system.