Firmware 2.25 on custom board

On our custom board firmware 2.25 is working in Tag mode, but not in Anchor mode. After long hours of debugging we find the Anchor to tag response is not successful. We also used trek in tag mode for this test.

To summarise;
We suspect Rx timeout settings on Anchor (Any recommended settings for debug?)
Currently Tag ID=0 and And ID=0 and we hope this wouldn’t be a problem
Rx Ok indication is seen on Anchor side but not on Tag side
It might be like TWR not completing the cycle, but unable to move forward.

Requesting your urgent help…

Hi Accutrak,

Could you give more information regarding the hardware and software you are using ? Is it DWM1001C with PANS or other type of product ?


Hi Yves, Its DW1000 + STM32 based design (trek). We are using 2.25 and in tag mode it works, but not in Anchor mode. Please help.

Thanks in advance…

Yves, Awaiting for your inputs.

Hi Accutrak,

How custom is your hardware ? Did you change the MCU for example ?

In this case you will need to update the software as some delay will differ, and consequently it is possible that TWR will fail.


We are using same MCU as that of trek. With 2.25 the tag mode is working good, but not in anchor mode? this looks strange as only the mode is changed keeping all other same.
ch:2, rate 6.8m,
custom board anchor(id-0) , trek tag (ID-0)
We suspect some timing mismatch (anchor response delay) but don’t know where to tweak.
LCD part in the code is disabled as we don’t use it. will this cause any issue?
USB part is fine & interfaced with PC. As twr not completing no location logs is seen.

Well it’s difficult to say, can you step through the code and debug ? Indeed I would also think there is a delay issue, but not sure what the root cause can be.

Are you using the same antenna ?