Finding Node ID through API call


I am using UART based communication to access DWM1001.

[color=#3333ff]Is there a way to find the node ID through an API call? [/color]

I am looking for something similar to the shell command “si” that provides the ID as given below:

[001677.170 INF] uwb0: panid=x14CC addr=[color=#3366cc]xDECAE15639408802[/color]

I am primarily looking for a method to find the ID of the nodes that are configured as Tags.



There is no such API in the current release.


Thanks Yves for the response.

Is there any other way like a TLV command to get the details? How does the Android App get this data?
If I know the TLV type for “si” request, that would as well help. Could not find the same in TLV type list in API guide.


No unfortunately there is no way to get the ID over SPI/UART with the first release.

With the BLE, the device will advertise its ID with its BLE address so I is quite straightforward.

Maybe take a look at the ble api documentation that can be found on decawaves website with the dwm1001 source files and documents :

Thank you,