Fatal error parsing Varistor model

Receive a Fatal Error trying to run a Bourns MOV Varistor model.

Fatal error: Expected an even number of values in G NODE1 NODE2 {expression} (,) (,) (,) syntax
The problem occured while parsing the line:
“G1•X1 N001•X1 0 TABLE {V(VG1•X1,0)}=(202.0,1.0E-6) (292.0,1.0E-5) (378.0,1.0E-4) (430,1.0E-3) (473,1.0E-2) (495,0.1) (559,1) (623,10) (709,100) (1075,1000) (2150,10000) (3000,5.E+5)”

The section in curly braces after the TABLE statement is not clear to me.
Is there something that I am missing?

I`m not sure, but probably table is not supported for G-sources in QSPICE for now.
At least there is no any table parameters description in Help file.

– Regards,

This archaic PSpice table syntax is now supported for E-, G-, F-, and H- sources in QSPICE.

Thanks. It is working as expected.