Hi everybody,
I’m a beginner with DWM1001-DEV. I developed a small system with two ancors and few tags using the provided SW.
I need to update the distance faster than once every 100 msec. (say 20msec/read)
Is it possible? Where can I find instructions to do that?
I want average the information to filter noise, thus I need faster acquisitions.
Thanks a lot for suggestions.

Hi Gianantonio,

when you mentioned about the system you have developed, was it with PANS or with some source codes?

If you use PANS then the limit is 10 Hz and that cannot be faster.

If you use source codes from Github then physically you can do faster measurement (20 ms should not be a problem). It is up to you how you organize the air-time.


Thanks for the reply,
I’m using PANS at the moment and thank very much Deacawave for providing them !!
I’m a joung man from the 50’s last century and not so sw productive ;-(( to day.
I will take advantage from younger programmers support…hope…
Thank for the indication you provided.