EVK1000 S2: 8-way or 6-way?

S2 on the EVK1000 is clearly a 6-way dip switch. I appears so in many photos and since I actually have the EVK1000, I can see that it is a 6-way in front of me. But the manual, dated 2016, on p. 13, depicts it as an 8-way.

Is there any subtle implication here that I need to take account of with my project design, or is this just the straightforward typographical/layout error that it appears to be? I realize the answer is probably obvious, but I want to be absolutely sure.


Hi Keith
You’re correct, S2 on page 13 of the EVK usr manual is a 6 way dip switch.
So instead of switching off 8 switches, just switch of the 6
The correction will be made in the next release of the document.

Have a nice weekend