EVK1000 Ranging error due to antenna angle/radiation pattern

there’s somehing I’d like to ask about relationship betweet Ranging error and UWB-antenna angle or radiation pattern.

We range by EVK1000 and rotate UWB-antenna at a constant position, ranging result drift by up 1m.
I’ve read old thead(Range error due to antenna angle/orientation) and I found similar phenomenon seems to occur in dwm1000.
In this thread, someone mentioned under the influence by RX level, but the true cause does not become clear.

If there is the person who understood this ranging error, I want you to tell me.

thank you.

You’re always going to see some effects due the antennas and environment. The more asymmetric the system the larger the error.
The usual design guidelines for keepout areas etc. around antennas are to prevent large impacts on antenna gain rather than to give a symetrical response.

For PCB mounted chip antennas you are going to get massive errors, I could easily believe you’d see 1 m effects.

For an antenna made out of a piece of PCB and connected by an SMA cable I’ve seen 10-30 cm of range variation due to orientation depending on how far away the antenna is from the decawave board.

Ultimately the only way to ensure you don’t get angle related effects is to physically make the antenna and the environment around it rotationally symmetrical.

Thank you for a reply.

I evaluate it using EVK1000 which connected with wb002 (this antenna out of a piece),
and ranging error of 1m occurs near the null angle that a gain is low with directivity in paticular.

I think there are some effects due the antennas and envitoment, but this 1m error is too large.
So it has a relationship with the antenna directivity.

What does the probable cause have elsewhere?