EVB1000 USB to SPI Writing


I’m attempting to write my own command to initiate communication from one EVB1000 (which makes use of the DW1000 chip with an STM32 ARM microcontroller) to another EVB1000. I’m currently using a virtual COM port (Docklight) for the tag, while listening with the other device in DecaRanging. I am reading through the DecaRanging Source Code Guide to find the command byte format. Section 6.2 has some helpful information.

My goal is to send a command from COM Port terminal to Tag to initiate a Tag Blink, that is received (wirelessly) by the listening device and read on DecaRanging.

Has anyone successfully done this? I am new to firmware development and have limited experience.

Thank you.

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An update on my progress and goals:

Using the Simple Tx project provided by DecaWave, I was able to send a wireless message as a tag blink that was received in the DecaRanging application.

I am now trying to set up the boards to pair automatically (similarly to the initial set up that displays distance on the LCD), but have the data transmitted over USB, either through DecaRanging or another application.