Estimate position using dwm1001 and raspberry pi


I have a project and would like to have your comments on that.

I need to know position of tag attached to the drone for landing by using DWM1001C sensor. So I want first to do distance accuracy test on ground, I don have experience about coding raspberry pi with that sensor DWM1001C. Can I have link that explain how to use that sensor with raspberry pi or algorithm to measure position of anchors and tag from raspberry pi? and how am I going to simulate my project?

Beware of the regulatory approvals of the DWM1001C which have requirements prohibiting use on flying things:

For CE/ETSI EN 302-065-2:

“The present document does not cover UWB transmitters whose authorization to operate depends solely on the tests set out in the present document and which are installed or used in flying models, aircraft and other forms of aviation.”

For FCC 46 CFR 15.250:

“Operation on board an aircraft or a satellite is prohibited.”

Most UWB rules have similar restrictions.

If you operate exclusively indoors, one could argue the aviation exclusion doesn’t apply. That’s an argument I would consider valid, but it is subject to some interpretation. FCC 47 CFR 15.517 which covers only indoor UWB operation doesn’t exclude aircraft, but I don’t think the DWM1001C has FCC 47 CFR 15.519 approval currently. There is no corresponding rule for CE/ETSI that I am aware of.

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Thank you for your response, all measures are taken. Can you please help me how to code and get estimated positions?