Entering Sleep Mode

In DWM1000 Module, Is it possible to enter Sleep Mode manually. If possible, what are the pins needed to be configured.

or the module can enter sleep mode only automatically on its own ?

Hi @Abishek ,

You can do both.
To enter sleep mode manually you’ll need to call the function dwt_entersleep() to put the device into deep sleep or sleep.
Take a look at examples in the link below and you can find an example of implementation to put the device in sleep mode manually in ex_01b_tx_sleep.
DW1000 API with STM32F10x Application Examples Rev 2p14

Hope it helps,

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Thanks, for the clarification.


Does the entersleep() place the part in SLEEP or DEEPSLEEP? Are there different functions for selecting the type of sleep that is desired? The documentation talks about both types of sleep, but I haven’t found anything explaining how to control which sleep to place the part in.