EKV1000 kit (EVB 1000) protocol

Hi, I am starting to use EKV1000 kit (2x EVB) to prepare conditions for DUT testing according to APS012. My DUT is already communicating with one EVB device and all messages work properly, however I am not sure about the meaning of the data coming within the message. I know exactly what kind of information must be in there and also I’ve already successfully programmed TWR task but the length of bytes doesn’t correspond APS013. Is possible to find anywhere a description of the EKV1000 protocol?

Blink … ok
Range init … first 22 bytes are clear (till message code 0x20), then there are 6 remaining bytes (I think that 2 are shortAddress, another 2 response delay, but the other 2 ??? … these bytes are not CRC bytes)
Pool … ok
Response … first 22 bytes are clear (till message code 0x10), then there are 8 remaining bytes (first three I have no idea, then 5 bytes. seems to be a result of previous measurement sent by Anchor to the Tag)
Final … first 22 bytes are clear (till message code 0x29), then there are 15 remaining bytes (it looks like three times 5 byte timestamp information, but the values seems to be differences between two timestamps, so it is confusing because in case of sending differences, I only need two values not 3)

Finally what kind of TWR method is uses, asymmetric or symmetric?

Thank you

Hi Roman,
The TWR is asymmetric .

For protocol information see EVK ARM source code software guide attached. This guide is part of teh EVK package one can download from our website. You may not have realised that,

DecaRanging_ARM_Source_Code_Guide.pdf (1.2 MB)

And still in time to wish you a happy new year…