DWM3001CDK transmission range


I have both DWM3000EVB and DWM3001CDK.
When I measure the transmission range in LOS with DWM3000EVB + nRF52840,
they can measure the distance in 90~100 meters without failure.
And if i change the preamble length from 64 to 1024, they can ranging over 200 meters without failure.

However, when i conduct with DWM3001CDKs in same environment, they only shows 30~40 meters of transmission range. And transmission range is not changed when I change the preamble length.

Testing software were the basic ss_twr examples provided in website.

I am not sure why they have different transmission range.
They use same transceiver DW3110 IC.

Is there anyone know the reason? or How to make the DWM3001CDK range as longer as DWM3000EVB?


Hi jiwoong,

The maximum range that you can get depends on your TX power setting, RF trace losses and Antenna gain. The radiated transmit power level is limited for most of the regions with -41.3dBm/MHz RMS power. When you increase the preamble length, the frame duration also increases and consequently transmitted RMS power increases.

Also please note that when we increase the Preamble length we also need to change PAC value to improve the sensitivity. That would allow us to get a better maximum distance but eventually, you will need to decrease power because of the increased frame duration.

I suspect the main difference between DWM3000EVB and DWM3001CDK should be the TX power settings.

Kind regards,