DWM3000EVB (EVK3000_F429_cubeMX) API test example debug folder

we work with DWM3000evb and Nucleo-F429ZI cards. We followed the previously found “Guide_for_example_build” file to run the example codes. When “EVK3000_f429_cubeMX” is run, we cannot find the debug folder and the file with the extension “.elf”. What is the reason ? Thanks for helping.


Debug folder is not a part of the project by default.
You need to build the project with an example enabled, in order to generate the Debug folder and the binary inside.

First of all thanks for your reply. I got it done. When I import the “EVK3000_F429_cubeMX” from the ide which is C:\Ac6\SystemWorkbench\eclipse the folder created by the ide. But I have an another problem here. When I Run my example project ;
for example TEST_READING_DEV_ID as you see on the openOCD debug WE ARE NOT GETTING “device ID”

Is there any important things missed ?
We are following something wrong ?