DWM3000 replacement for USR_SFD register to test SPI


the DWM1000 has a USR_SFD register to test the SPI connection
from APS022 Debugging DW1000 Based Products and Systems

Is there a register for debugging the spi bus on the DW3000 aswell if yes , which one?
Will there also a application note how to debug DW3000 ?

Thanks David

The AES key settings registers are read/write so unless you’re already up and running and using AES you should be able to use them for general read / write testing without causing any other issues.
e.g. Sub-register 0x01:34 – AES IV0

Thanks AndyA! This works perfect

Update for anyone coming across this thread later.

There is also Register file: 0x16 – Scratch RAM. Going by the description this gives 127 bytes of read/write RAM that can be used for temporary storage.

Probably a better fit for this use, not sure how I missed that before.