DWM3000 API for different processors


I am currently working with the DWM3000 module and the STM32 F429ZI Evalboard, for which Quorvo also provides a compiled library. Our target hardware provides for a different processor (L4xx). Since Quorvo does not make source files available, I would like to know if anyone has experience with using the library on a different processor? I would like to avoid the effort of implementing the API functions myself by reverse engineering.

Thank you.

An older version of the source is available in the API software .zip file from DWM3000EVB - Qorvo

You’ve probably seen this but check out: DW3000_notes.md · GitHub

As someone else pointed out, you can get source for the older library version, or you can program the registers directly. (I’ve been going the latter route in a similar application.)

Thank you. Your insights here in the forum, help me very much to find a strategy for our further development. :+1:

Do you know if Qorvo, provides source files for the API under NDA?

When I asked, I was told no.

I suspect the answer would change if it came with a sufficiently large purchase order attached :slight_smile:

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