DWM300 Eval board powerup

Hello ,
Iam trying to setup a new DWM3000 eval board (module shield V1.3) .I have connected it to the nordic nrf52840 development board.
The serial port of the nrf board is detected and the Red Led LED1 is on .Iam following the instructions on the DW3000_Arduino_Shield_QSG_Nordic.pdf document.
The PDoA_GUI is not able to recognise the tag .
I also tried sending serial “STAT” over the terminal software .But there is no response.I would appreciate it if one could guide me on getting the DWM3000 eval kit to respond.
Thank you.
Best Regards

Hi @shar ,
Please ensure that you’re following this switch configuratio on the Nordic.

Verify also, that there is USB serial Device Com port added to device Manager when you connect the Nordic board.

In case you did not know, you can find the source code and the prebuild binary for twr_demo project for nRF52840 DK target here https://www.decawave.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/DW3xxx_XR6.0C_24Feb2022.zip