DWM1004C work as Tag

Hello Decawave i have two DWM10004C module and i succeed for interfacing it with ST-Link Module and programed with (RTL-TWR.hex) but the two module not showing any things in the serial monitor from the pin (26,27) of the STM Controller
also i have 2 module DWM1000 working with me fine as anchor and tag with arduino and the anchor program is (StandardRTLS-MainAnchor) which is contain Network ID (RTLS_APP_ID)
i want to interface the DWM1004C module with my DWM1000 Module (DWM1004c work as Tag, and DWM1000 work with Anchor)
plz help me on this one (show me where can i change in the STM Program software to but the Network ID to match with my DWM1000 and where can i change the mac address for the module)
if there is any other SW for making this plz give me
thanks best regard