DWM1004 TDoA Tag and TTK1000

In the DWM1004C TDoA Tag Software guide is mentioned:

“This document, “DWM1004C TDoA Tag Software Guide” is a guide to the application source code of the Decawave’s “dwm1004c_tdoa_tag” TDoA Tag application, that is a part of the TTK1000 software suit which provides the TDoA based RTLS”

What is this software suit? Can i have access to this software having the DWM1004C without buying the TTK1000 kit?

TTK1000/TDoA See here:

Thanks for pointing out the typo - suite!

Thanks for the reply, but i think i’ve not made myself clear, this link you sent me is only for buying the ttk1000 kit, I already have the dwm1004C modules and don’t plan on spending 25k for this, i only wanted to know if i have access to any software that can be used to visualize the tags locations and configure the anchors.


A Tag on its own will not provide a location.

Location requires Anchors, a minimum of three and some central unit (maybe one of the anchors or a PC) to gather tag timestamps from anchors and solve the trilateration problem.

What you are looking for a full RTLS system and DWM1004C is not that, it is one of the components of a complete RTLS system.

Maybe the MDEK1001 or a few DWM1001-DEV’s are a better option for you. In this case you get a complete TWR based RTLS hardware and software and can visualize the tags on an Android device or Webpage (via Raspberry-Pi based gateway).


Thank you for clarifying,

Do you thinks it is possible to configure the DWM1001-dev to act as anchors for DWM1004C tags? Are there already implemented anchors that are compatible with the DWM1004C TDoA system?

I do not know of anyone that has successfully used the DWM1001 or DEV as a TDoA anchor. Also we generally recommend that anchors use a good TCXO, DWM1001 uses a Xtal. For a TDoA anchor you really need a ‘backhaul’ mechanism to take the timestamps from each anchor back to a central location engine, ethernet (PoE) backhaul is used on TTK1000. Then you have to process the timestamps and calculate location. TDoA also needs anchors to be synchroized to each other, so periodically the anchors will send clock calibration packets. To implement a true TDoA system, it is not a simple task, there is a good bit of work to do!